Superior Water Natural Mineral Water Sourced From The Superior Basin

The Inland Sea.
The Big Lake.
A Poet’s Paradise.
A Beast.

The lake of many names is boundless, fed from an aquifer as beautiful as its blue. This northern water traveled through the Superior Basin to our artesian reserves, filtering through undisturbed bedrock and glacial deposits. Water that’s mineralized by mother nature and bottled at the source. Water that still echoes the place from which it came.

So while you may call its namesake many things, you only need one word for the taste—Superior.

A Taste
All Its Own

  • Smooth and Soft

    Bio-available minerals dissolved over time and traits of the terroir imbue Superior Water with a taste like no other—weighty, smooth and soft.

  • Original Purity

    Unlike purified water brands, Superior Water naturally meets quality standards and no minerals are added. To maintain purity, it’s bottled at the source.

Superior Water meets all U.S., European and international standards for natural mineral water.

180 mg/L
Total dissolved solids
730 mg/L
50 mg/L
50 mg/L
10 mg/L
2 mg/L

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