Water Sommelier Union Certified and Approved Badge for Superior Natural Mineral Water

Water SommelierCertified and Approved

Mineral Water Sensory Assessment

Sensory Description

Appearance: The mineral water “Superior” is crystal clear throughout with a slight silver gloss and a beautifully reflective surface.

Scent: Clear and pure fragrance with a neutral character.

Taste: At the top, Superior impresses with a creamy, soft mouthfeel, coating the tongue with a fine silkiness. Further along, its soft, balanced character is confirmed, as its discreet mineralization leads to a balanced taste impression. In the final phase, a velvety feeling spreads across the tongue and throughout the mouth, which is left fully satisfied.

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Recommended Pairings

Superior natural mineral water, with its soft, creamy character, is an ideal partner for a variety of foods and drinks.

Wine Pairing

The neutral character of this pleasant mineral water makes it an ideal companion for a variety of wine styles. Especially barrique, powerful, full-bodied and tannin-containing red wines are optimally supported because their endearing properties remain unaltered.

Coffee or Tea Pairing

An excellent accompaniment both to strong coffee varieties with bitter notes and aromas of dark chocolate as well as to the lighter, fruitier brews. In particular, this natural mineral water also supports the creaminess of milk-containing coffee varieties such as latte macchiato and cappuccino. Superior natural mineral water can also be combined with fine teas.

Meal Pairing

With meals this mineral water is a typically selected to accompany both lightly seasoned and savory meat dishes. Even light, delicate dishes are in good company with water from this Northern Lake Superior Aquifer. Creamy, fruity desserts in particular find their most desirable characteristics positively supported.

Physiological Characteristics

The pH value of Superior natural mineral water is in the slightly alkaline (basic) range at 7.9 and can therefore have a neutralizing effect on acidic compounds.

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